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Chembuthara Makarachowa on January 21st, 2014

Chembuthara Makara Chowa is an auspicious day which falls on the first Tuesday of Makara Masam (Makaram Month) as per traditional calendar followed in Kerala. Makara Chowa 2014 date is January 21. The day is of great significance in Goddess Bhagavati (Shakti) temples in Kerala. It is an important date at the Kodungallurkavu Bhagawathy temple in Chemhuthara and hundreds of devotees offer prayers on the day here. A large parade of more than 40 elephants in front of Bhagawathy with Idol of Bhagawarthy carried by one of the elephant in the center and percussion music.

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Chembuthara - a boon of goddess

Chembuthara (ചെമ്പൂത്തറ‍) is a small village famous for Makarachowa festival or commonly called Chembuthara pooram. It is situated about 11 kms away from Thrissur center. It's a beautiful place with natural beauty on the background which is located on the side of NH47. Chembuthara Kodungallurkavu temple is just 500 m away from the road way.About Thousands of devotees visits this temple monthly.Chembuthara bhagavathy is the only resort to many people.

Chembuthara Makarachowa is an elephant's parade with percussion music,fire works. Every year on the first tuesday of Malayalam month Makaram, Makarachowa festival is being celebrated.Makarachowa Festival is accompanied by about 40-50 elephants and pancharimelam.Besides bhagavathy's birthday is celebrated with 4-5 elephants and prasaada oottu(holy food)on meena maasam.

Natural beauty of chembuthara is proved with no argument. Its called Pattathipaara .Pattathipaara is now becoming a tourist spot. pattathipaara is a natural water fall. Many peoples finds a good time over here.Neighboring place is Pattikkad which is one of the developed village panchayath in Thrissur district. A higher secondary school and clinic is situated Pattikkad. In between Pattikkad and chembuthara, peechi road is located. Peechi road is the turning to Peechi dam, KFRI etc.

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For Booking Chembuthara Devidasan
Contact:04872282400 (Temple committee office no.)

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                            Chembuthara Devidasan- Height-292 Cms

                             Makarachowa pooram- evey January